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Services Offered

Founded in 1998 Enigma Technologies is on the forefront of the Military Grade Communications Solutions. We specialize in custom Hardware & application development & provide nex-gen hardware & software applications and products.

software applications

Enigma Software has various features that meet or exceed standardized market requirements. Our Software has been implemented and fully tested in our R&D environment.

Hardware Solutions

The Enigma next-generation NDT platform delivers high performance, scalable, and flexible Solutions with unmatched quality and reliability.

Consulting & Training

We start with a thorough analysis of your goals, then we work with you to shape a long-term strategy for your Hardware & software initiatives.

Support & Maintenance

Enigma Support and Maintenance are making sure that every customer is getting the best support so they can sleep and rest without having any disturbance at anytime. Enigma expertise are making sure if the problem exist and will be solved immediately.

Nation Device Tracking

Enigma's NDT Solution consists of Hardware Platform, Software Applications, Custom Features, & Security Features Used by most Mobile Operators around the world.

High performance Advance Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA)

Enigma ATCA 14 Slot Chassis with redundant and hot swap capabilities targets the application needs of next intelligence telecommunication reach carrier class and high end performance with maximum number of payload blades, network ports, and switching capabilities.


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System Overview

Each blade system is customized for customer specific applications, which require faster and deeper packet processing with real time environment. As ATCA was designed to meet Telco standards, the enigma platform integrates the chassis, cooling, power distribution, and shelf management into the complete high-end solution.

  • 19” vertical mount ATCA chassis
  • 14 front & rear slots, with dual switch + 12 payload
  • Flexible Power configuration AC or DC
  • Supports 40GbE to all node slots
  • Distribution cooling system
  • Hot Swappable and Redundant Power, Shelf Manager, & Cooling
  • 300W per slot power distribution and cooling
  • No Switch required

The platform delivers high performance, scalable and flexible configuration of 40GbE backplanes, switches, and application blades.

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North Preview

National Device Tracking

Specific Location

Direct Search

Operator Recognition

Geofence Alerts

Enigma's Solutions

High performance Advance Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA)

what our clients are saying!

We invite you to explore our client stories to learn about how we help organizations like yours.


Ken Klear

City of Toledo

Enigma Developed brand new Cisco Network just for us, and pulled all new Fiber Infrastructure to 6 government buildings downtown.


Carol Parcelo

Ceo Founder

Our new Hardware platform works Great. I can't tell you how much we appreciate your help Enigma Technologies!


Bill Smith


These guys built me a custom app for our website that has changed the way our business works. Thank you Enigma for everything.


Theresa Klein


Thank you Enigma for rescuing us and fixing our Custom Communications Application.


Jennifer Stilman

Ceo Founder

I don't know what we would have done without you. Your developers are top notch!


Amy Parsen

Ceo Founder

You took our existing infrastructure and gave us the security and peace of mind we were looking for!


Melissa McDonald

Operations Manager

Enigma helped our company and gave us the edge over our competition.

Why other Companies choose Us?

Enigma offers the best in custom programming. We strive to offer the best custom solutions. No-one does it better than Enigma!

Founded by Kyle Sniecinski in 1998 as a web design and Software development firm. What has made Enigma a successful organization for almost two decades has been our total dedication to providing exceptional customer service and support to our clientele.

We have established a reputation for consistently delivering mission critical, technically challenging projects under tight timelines, while also providing exceptional customer service and support to our clientele. This in turn has led to extremely positive long-term working relationships with both clients and solution partners alike. Our detailed project process was created to ensure our projects are completed on-time, on-budget, and to our clients complete satisfaction.

With Enigma Support and Maintenance we make sure that every customer is getting the best support possible. This way they rest assured without having disturbances at anytime. With Enigma's extensive experience and expertise we make sure if there are any problems we will solve them immediately.

Highly trained Technical Support
Our front-line Technical Support team features professional engineers with real-world experience, who know how to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. We provide support in 3 languages from 4 locations around the world, so someone is always available to assist you, no matter where you are.
We guarantee Great Custom Software
At Enigma we chose to become experts in the craft of custom software development itself. We are ever improving, and our software success naturally helps your business.
Clean Coded with Test Driven Development
We simply don’t release anything that isn’t tested and working perfectly. Test Driven Development means your software is as flawless as possible when completed.

Some of our specialties

We do this and much more!

Java Programming 99%
Custom Applications 95%
Security Solutions 75%
Hardware Platforms 100%
Database 75%
Consulting 80%

About Enigma Technologies

Enigma Technologies is a U.S. based company which provides intelligent networking solutions. Enigma offers wide range of extremely high performance and scalable platforms designed for those who need more than high service level agreement but also a good night sleep at their homes.

Security Clearance

Enigma Technologies is your trusted partner for all Secure Software, Hardware, or Applications Development.


We develop Custom Software, Applications, and Hardware Solutions to meet or exceed our clients needs.

Enigma Platforms

Enigma Platform is designed for high performance critical network and meets highest standard Service Level Agreement.

Support and Maintenance

Our custom hardware and applications are designed, implimented, and supported by our team of experts. Our custom hardware and applications are made specifically to meet or exceed the requirements of our clients. Our highly trained staff ensure each client’s success and sustained results.

clean coding

Our development teams are the best at what they do! We specialize in custom hardware and application development to meet or exceed our Clients requirements. From beginning to end your project is in good hands with our team of experts.

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